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"For our menus we find the Goodtill really helpful. The system is quick to start up and it’s fast to use. It really suits us for the size and nature of our business. I like it that you can send the orders direct to the kitchen. The most important thing is that, for a good system and package, it is very affordable."

- Damiano, Aneto Cafe

"With old tills the training on them would 1-2 weeks and perhaps a month to get your head round - but with Goodtill it takes about a day to get the hang of. The tills are bright and playful - we operate a positive and fun environment and the tills suit our causal and laid back vibe - we feel they [Goodtill] share a similar spirit! The sales reports are easy to use but give a thorough breakdown - I like the charts! Other companies potentially charge for call-outs but these guys are happy to just pop in."

- Cathal, Junk Yard Golf

"We get comments from our customers about the tills such as ‘that’s a cool till’, ‘ love the colour’, ‘it’s amazing - so different’. I like the fact I can see what’s going on at the shop when I’m not there. We will be using more of the available features in the coming months and will be interesting to see the benefits. The tech support is brilliant - they always pick up the phone, even at random times!"

- Toni, Punk Me Up