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Streamline your service with our Hotel POS

Offer in-room ordering and cater to your guests’ doorsteps as you streamline across revenue centres with our Hotel POS.

More than a POS system

Our iPad-based POS software brings ideas to life. Fast, simple and insightful. Packed with powerful integrations to free up your time.


Hotel POS for comfort, flexibility and speed

Hotels are unique within the hospitality sector as the sales routes are split; sales don’t occur in one place providing a single service. Instead, from lunch at the hotel restaurant and spa treatments to the poolside bar and in-room ordering for dinner – the need to juggle a number of revenue centres and ensuring optimal oversight takes a powerful Hotel POS system while running a relatively complex service.

We provide multi-site and multi-vendor friendly features to ensure a streamlined, one-platform solution while you’re able to offer in-room ordering to your guests through Goodeats – the perfect, comprehensive answer to cover all aspects of hotel servicing.


Point of Sale

A POS solution which grows with your business. Simple and easy to use.

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Table Ordering

Scan a QR code, order and pay online. Covid secure for staff & customers.

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Click & Collect

Start taking orders in less than an hour and be covid secure with timed collections.

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Allow customers to generate points and redeem for new products, to build repeat usage.

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Stock Management

Stock control, auditing, purchase order integration & variance reports.

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Connect your payment providers, accounting software and delivery partners.

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Kitchen Display Screen

Eliminate paper, minimise errors and reduce delays, instantly.

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Manage your locations quickly and easily, all under one unified system.

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Analytics & Reporting

Process huge sets of data instantly and filter insight to your liking.

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