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Transform your business with our Core iPad POS System

The intuitive one-platform EPOS software to introduce efficiency, access and capability to your service from only £49 a month.

What we can do for you

From improving your day-to-day operations, increasing productivity, and minimising unnecessary control costs, our Goodtill EPOS software offers you more.


We bring you a fast and interactive interface

The iPad iOS interface is easy to navigate and intuitive in design.


Stock management capabilities

Keep tabs on what’s going in and out of your warehouse from wherever you are.


Create pre-set discounts at the click of a button

Reward your customers and staff alike with staff, seasonal or loyalty discounts.

More than a POS system

Our iPad-based POS software brings ideas to life. Fast, simple and insightful. Packed with powerful integrations to free up your time.

Manage sales, stock & staff with our EPOS software

Our iPad POS system is at the heart of everything we do and we’ve created an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that’s both powerful and perfectly customisable to suit your business needs. Whether you’re a large retailer running a multitude of sites or a family run café, you can now tailor your EPOS software to suit your business needs.

Our interface makes the Goodtill iPad EPOS a breeze to wrap your mind around, boasting an intuitive experience, all managed through your back office. We centralise your processes and expand your capabilities as we bring you a range of features that are included in our comprehensive Core EPOS system including stock management, staff and customer management, multi-user access and more. For add-on modules check out our Pricing page to upgrade your Core POS solution.

One platform to do it all

We’re the hub of your business – from ordering your product, managing your stock to payment processing and accountancy; we’re your single-platform solution.


Core POS Module

One platform, multiple bolt-on modules, endless possibilities.

Stock management

Self-checkout mode

Staff clock in/out function

Multi-user access

Customer database


Management & Reporting

Access meaningful analytics, system management, and reporting capabilities.

Comprehensive reports

Extensive product management

Stock/inventory management

Multi-outlet management

Ingredient-level inventory

Standard Pricing Plan

From just £49/month

At £49 per till per month, our Core Package offers tremendous value. Only pay for the functionality you need by browsing through our Optional Modules.


Optional Modules starting at £9

Tailor your solution to your situation.


Need hardware? We have that too

Start from scratch or complete your existing set with our top-quality gear tailored to your needs.

Have additional questions?

Check out our FAQs for any questions you may have. If we haven’t covered your question below, get in touch with us via our contact form and we’ll get back to you.

What is a POS system?

A POS system is software used to process orders and payments along with the necessary hardware including monitors, tablets and printers. POS refers to ‘point-of-sale’ whereby you complete your transaction with your bespoke POS system, benefitting from a greater range of capabilities on top of the basics (usually recording sales and stock) but also the live management of inventory, accessing detailed reporting, taking care of administrative tasks as well as staff and customer management from a single platform.

What does a POS system do?

A POS system centralises a whole host of administrative functions so you can manage your business from a single platform. From the basics of taking orders, processing payments and a general stock overview, a POS system goes further to digitise your service and lighten the workload with table ordering options, multi-user access and extensive reporting capabilities. 


What makes a good POS system?

We believe in a fit-for-purpose solution that adapts to your business; both in size, product, venue and demand. We’ve developed a range of industry-specific features to ensure you don’t pay for solutions you don’t need and make it easy to trial any add-ons that might suit your business before you commit to anything.

For restaurants for example our Hospitality module answers to key demands unique to the industry including table and tab management, offering a variety of payment options and real-time stock-tracking features. A good POS system is one that speeds up your service, streamlines your operations and simplifies your day-to-day tasks through automation while giving you access to greater insight.