Kitchen Display Screen

Whether you own a burger joint or offer a fine dining experience, go digital and manage customer orders seamlessly

Never miss another order

Streamline your service and minimise human error while keeping perfect track of orders statuses and modifications.


Minimise human error

Automate your order-taking process from the moment it’s entered into the system.


Works on WiFi

No unnecessary hardware or ethernet cables.


Real-time updates

Respond to live orders and keep track of your turnaround.

More than a POS system

Our iPad-based POS software brings ideas to life. Fast, simple and insightful. Packed with powerful integrations to free up your time.


Improve customer waiting times with our Kitchen Display Screen

Our Kitchen display screen is a heaven-sent during busy periods in not only helping you minimise human error but also streamlining your ordering process with instant and direct communication via your POS system and kitchen. This will ultimately help you speed up your service and keep your customers happy as you waiters and kitchen staff react to their orders in real time.

Your dedicated KDS will eliminate the need for physical and chunky printers and paper tickets and help you digitise using your existing POS solution as you monitor turnaround times with ease, instant updates and if you have more than a single KDS screen these will in turn sync and stay updated without any extra effort on your part. So improve your back-of-house operation and give your staff all the information they need with a quick glance.

Streamline your service

Eliminate bottlenecks in your kitchen and communicate efficiently between your kitchen staff and waiters. Use your tablet to flick through your customer orders, mark items off on the go and keep the kitchen running smoothly.

Kitchen Display Screen module pricing plan

From just £9/month

Upgrade to our Kitchen Display Screen and expand your Core POS package now.


Core POS package

At £29 only per till per month, it offers tremendous value.


Need hardware? We have that too

Start from scratch or complete your existing set with our top-quality gear tailored to your needs.


Key Features

Run your kitchen more efficiently

  • Real-time updates with every entry
  • Reporting capabilities available
  • Communicate modifiers with customisable notes
  • Multiple screen options available



Cut queues and streamline your service

  • View previous orders and tickets instantly
  • Prioritise orders according to prep time
  • Keep track of waiting time
  • Know when you’re running behind with custom alerts