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Championing The Ten Green Bottles Co brand with Goodies Whitelabel

Ten Green Bottles first opened the doors in 2015 initially as a specialized gin retailer for this emerging market. The company created the unique Poppy Rose TM gin cocktail which had an amazing response and helped drive the brand forward. Prioritizing customer service, loyalty and innovation, Ten Green Bottles looked for ways to boost incentives through their very own bespoke app – Poppies Points

The ten green bottles storefront

Considering a loyalty app for The Ten Green Bottles Co

As a small business, we were looking for new ways to innovate and increase brand awareness and the recommendation of a potential loyalty app actually came from the Goodtill by SumUp Support staff themselves! We found that the Goodies features allowed us the ability to compete with much larger, nationwide businesses, something we otherwise would not have thought possible. All this by simply stamping our own brand on an already existing, fully functional bespoke app for a minimal price.

Introduction to Celo Apps

The good folks at Celo Apps bring in the ‘whitelabel’ that makes the Goodies App unique; by giving companies the ability to add our own logos, brand colours, fonts and altering the layout to our unique specification, we were able to launch our app ‘Poppies points’ on the Apple and Google Play Store. This was all done in just a couple of weeks, made possible with the remarkable skill, responsiveness and unbeatable customer service provided by Celo Apps who kept us updated throughout the process.

Poppies points app logo

Setting up for the big launch

With the app now available for download, it was time to set up our very own rules and rewards and get creative! We had a lot of fun throughout this process and got our loyalty scheme in place – all customised through the Goodtill by SumUp POS back office which took only a few minutes to complete. We could specify the type of rewards we wanted to offer and update these at any moment in time for these changes to go live instantly. What makes this system especially impressive is how it links seamlessly with our advanced stock system, where rewards were recorded as loyalty offers and were deducted as such from our inventory levels, ensuring perfect accuracy. This way we could keep track of the number of people getting use out of our loyalty promotions and ensure it was having an impact.

Along with this, we were able to set up our own marketing platform through Mailchimp, which integrated perfectly with our back office. This meant we could create and send out promotional emails about our products, upcoming events and any other updates we wanted to communicate to our customers who signed up for ‘Poppies Points’ and opted to receive emails. This really increased our reach in terms of awareness and allowed us to gather data for future marketing decisions.


Poppies points phone app

Officially launching our App

Our customer base was extremely varied which made having an easy-to-use app important. We had an overwhelmingly positive response from customers across the business who were very excited to benefit from brand new rewards, and stay up to date on the business ongoings through our new marketing tools. We also saw incredible results in metrics; we had over 1000 customers sign up to our loyalty app within 3 months of the official launch across our two sites. The app is perfectly functional to be used for larger estates and chains that span across multiple locations.

What were the end results?

The App went live on the 2nd of December 2019, and by the end of January 2020 we saw a 2% increase in transactions, and an incredible 7% increase in revenue across the business. This was a huge achievement in such a short amount of time and we know that going forward our Whitelabel Goodies App (Poppies Points) will help us grow our business even further in promoting long term customer loyalty.

Whilst COVID meant closing our doors for a few months, we know that when the time comes we’ll be ready to kickstart our business with all the necessary tools in place to guarantee a successful reopening.

James & Sara Froggatt – Directors of The Ten Green Bottles Co