More than a POS system. A goodtill.

Our POS software brings ideas to life. Fast, simple and insightful. A Goodtill. Starting at just £29/month.

Get Started Features & Pricing

We have one platform with multiple modules, tailorable to your needs, and you won’t pay for functionality you don’t need. This means maximum flexibility: one system, unlimited deployment scenarios.

iPad-based POS for simplicity and speed

Our EPOS software runs on iPad and combines reporting, loyalty programmes and online ordering to transform your customer experience.

Retail & QSR

If you’re selling dresses, lattes, gifts or brioche buns, our elegant iPad POS and inventory management will help to do so better and faster. If you are blurring the lines between retail and hospitality, or may in future, our retail & QSR deployment makes life simple.

Food & Drink

If you’re providing table service or tabs for drinks, the food & drink deployment compliments our POS software with fast, wireless payment card integration. We also offer kitchen displays, ingredient-level reporting and a host of features that are easy to learn and use.

Leisure & Entertainment

If you’re a stadium, museum or festival, you probably have elements of other industries: a cafe, informal hospitality, formal dining, ticket sales and merchandising outlets. Goodtill is a simple tool designed to deploy lots of tills in different situations.

Businesses growing with Goodtill

We’re passionate about our work and proud to be supporting the growth of businesses across the UK, Ireland and select corners of the globe.