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Why should I switch to The Good Till?

The Good Till point of sale (POS) is becoming increasingly popular as businesses replace outdated point of sale systems that have seen better days.

A successful implemented point of sale system is a key tool for businesses to track sales, keep an overview of stock and provide high quality customer service. You may be wondering what moving to the cloud actually means for you and your business as well as what the benefits are to making the change. To help you with this here at PJCO we have compiled a handy 6-point reference document to help you understand how The Good Till works and its benefits.

1. Access data anywhere, anytime

Data is saved straight away with The Good Till. Managers can track sales as they are happening even if they are not within the business workplace through the use of mobile applications. This is a great perk for many business owners that cannot stop the temptation of checking in on work even on their day off or on their holiday’s.

2. Hardware

The Good Till is most commonly accessed through a web browser or application. This gives flexibility over the device you choose to run the system from, with a tablet the preferred choice for most businesses and also the one that we recommend here at PJCO. The Good Till even allow you to run the POS software offline with no internet connection which means that there is no idle time when connectivity issues arise. Bluetooth connections to the cash drawer and printer also allow for quick and easy operation.

3. Mobility

More than one wireless tablets can be connected at any time, meaning more customers can be served at any one time, from wherever they are. This is key in busy periods for many businesses. This added mobility increases the speed which your staff can engage with customers so you can process more orders in a shorter period of time.

All orders can sync straight to your kitchen, reducing the time it takes to communicate and preventing any miscommunication of orders, helping you to get the right orders out efficiently. All this added flexibility and speed leaves your customers better satisfied and more likely to come back and recommend you.

4. Subscription pricing

The Good Till is priced with a monthly or yearly subscription cost with no up-front fees. This provides much needed stability in budgeting for smaller businesses. Rather than facing the daunting prospect of a very expensive initial outlay, a smaller monthly expenditure may be more manageable.

5. Stock management

The Good Till  integrates stock management tools into the back office of the application. This allows you to book in orders, identify delivery errors, easily carry out stock counts, call up full audit and variance reports and micro manage stock at product or ingredient level allowing you to really drill down into your cost’s per unit.