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Top reasons to switch your POS to an iPad till Part II – The Hospitality Edition

Back in 2011, channel 4 aired a series of ‘experiments’ conducted by Derren Brown. In one episode, the famous mentalist explored ‘The Secret of Luck’ with experiments based around several people who either considered themselves to be lucky or the pillar of misfortune.

The show soon demonstrated that ‘luck’ had nothing to do with it and instead, how people fared in life was really about how much the participants were aware of the opportunities around them and whether they had the guts to take them. In one case, Derren Brown placed a £50 note on the doorstep of an ‘unlucky’ man and then watched as he left his house and stepped right over it!

OK, if you’re running a café, pub, restaurant or other hospitality business, you’re probably wondering what this little story has got to do with you!

Let us explain.

Right now, there’s an innovation taking place in the point of sale market in the form of advanced iPad-based systems like those supplied by The Good Till. This is an opportunity to transform your business and greatly improve the hospitality experience for your customers. It’s an opportunity that’s sitting right on your doorstep – but are you fully aware of it and are you ready to pick it up?

To make it easier, here’s our top five reasons why we think you should switch from your old till to an iPad smart hospitality pos version.

What Can A Hospitality POS System Do For Your Business?

  1. Best for efficiency – With minimal manual input and a system that is programmed to send orders straight from the table to the bar or kitchen, this is surely any hospitality business owner’s dream – less duplication, less chance of human error, faster and more efficient service! On top of this, the system is really intuitive for your staff to learn and use plus integrated payments give you top notch security.
  1. Know your business – With an iPad-based pos system, you can run off accurate real-time reports on sales, stock, profits and more, in a flash. That not only gives you a better understanding of how the business is performing at any given time, but also the confidence to make (and take) decisions that will help it become more profitable. Combining insights from sales and inventory management reports, for instance, will help you to consistently meet your customers’ expectations, avoiding the disappointment of favourites going off menu and introducing new offerings based on what you know your regulars want.
  1. Get the look – The old saying ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ just doesn’t cut it in the hospitality industry. As well as great food, drinks and customer service, today’s clientele are looking for style, comfort and often a certain ‘character’ in their chosen venue. Your iPad-based POS will not only deliver the ‘cool’ factor but its compact familiarity also provides a friendlier environment than its bulkier predecessors.
  1. Customer experience – From table management options that will ensure customers get exactly what they ask for to ingredient-level inventory modules that enable you to meet dietary requirements or make variations without fuss, your iPad system keeps your staff well-informed and your customers happy.
  1. Customisation – The iPad POS can be completely customised to your hospitality business. Want to run specials, a meal deal promotion or happy hour – no problem! Like the idea of e-receipts or image-led customer facing screens – the iPad POS has got it covered!

There’s much more we could say but, given these top advantages, what’s now stopping you from making that switch?

Don’t be the one who steps over that £50 note!

Give us a call at the Good Till today and find out more about how the iPad POS could support your business. Ask us about our free trial offer too!

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