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Introducing Goodeats

Dear Goodtill Customers,

From Wednesday 25 March 2020, Goodtill CLICK & COLLECT will have a new home called GoodEats and will be changing our platform domain from to

Goodtill has always taken pride in being a service led company. Feedback in recent days from our customers has been clear that while they and their customers love the platform, the dynamic URL link is too long, which makes their marketing a bit more challenging. We’ve listened and quickly adapted our platform to shorten the link and provide a more memorable name. We hope that this change will make launch and adoption easier for your business and customers.

Important information

Please see some important information below.

• You do not need to do anything at all, nor will this impact any services that you currently have in place
• No change in your old link – this can remain live and will redirect to your environment
• No change in your website integration – however if you wish you can copy the new iFrame and paste on your webpage
• No change in your customers account or order/payment processing
• Everything works as it is in regards to setup and management
• You don’t need to anything simply share the new smaller link to our customer base from now on. You can find it in the backoffice> apps> click and collect setup page as it is very easy to remember and type in
• This is part of the plan that we will potentially bring more users to the platform which should result in your store getting more visibility and potentially more orders from the new users on our platform.

We will pay your transaction fees for the first £1,000

To help you, we are waiving all Goodeats & Stripe transaction fees for the first £1,000 of transactions (usually 5%) for all new users. If you are already using Goodeats (previously called Click & Collect) then you will get the next £1,000 worth of transactions free. Both offers will be activated tonight at midnight.
If you are set up with Goodeats (Click & Collect) and are ready to go, it’s important to inform your customers and encourage them to use it. Goodtill has put together 7 Easy Ways To Promote Goodeats (Click & Collect) to Your Customers that is available on Goodtill blog.