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How to improve efficiency in your shop with an iPad POS

Some might argue that the drive for ever more efficiency we seek in business goes against the grain of nature.

Take the maple tree for example. It produces millions of helicopters and lets them blow in the wind but most will never germinate. Then there’s the frog – producing hundreds of eggs each year, most never reaching maturity. Does the tree or the frog worry about this inefficiency? No!

While it’s nice to dream of having such levels of unlimited resources, the reality for anyone running a retail business is that this luxury just doesn’t exist. We cannot afford to let a whole host of things simply happen in the hope that something good will emerge at the end.

Improving Efficiency In Retail Shops

Improving efficiency is very often a key driver of success in retail and it absolutely cannot be ignored. Of course, there are many ways of approaching this. You might take a strategic decision to shift operations online; streamline back-office operations with some great accountancy software; or deploy data like footfall analytics to bring greater efficiencies into your staffing schedules.

There’s no escaping the fact that, whatever you do, it is digitised solutions that are shaping and revolutionising the retail industry. But here’s a question: can something as simple as changing your POS system to an iPad-based smart till improve efficiency? We think YES and here’s why! 

Checkout those sales

The iPad POS system is the ultimate queue buster – it requires less manual input or duplication than a traditional POS and so sales are processed faster and with fewer mistakes. As well as offering fixed till points, this type of POS system can include self-checkouts or enable stores to take transactions out to the shop floor. That can free up staff to help customers with queries, make recommendations for add-ons and take on-the-spot sales!

Payments made simple

While the smart till can take all forms of payment, its integrated payment features offer one of the best solutions for improving efficiency. When it records a sale, its software connects with your chip and pin terminal – making double entries a thing of the past, vastly reducing errors and increasing security at the same time.

Tailoring your stock

Improved built-in stock management features in your iPad POS will give you product insights like never before. Knowing what sells and what doesn’t and having a clear picture of stock levels in real-time will mean you can avoid out-of-stocks, avoid over-discounting, set the best price levels, implement efficient ordering schedules and make informed choices about new offerings, knowing they will suit your customers’ taste. It also puts you in a better position when it comes to your retail stock take!

Get the Know-how

While the till aspect of your iPad POS gets on with improving efficiency out on the shop floor, its cloud-based management portal helps your business to improve efficiency from the top down. With real-time reporting capabilities on sales, stock and staffing, you’ll have clear insights into everything from your busiest sales periods to who is the star member of your team. Crucially, this factual information will bring a new level of efficiency to your decision-making and fine-tune your business to suit the trends. Embracing the analytics just got a whole load easier!

Continually Evolving

On top of all of this, here at the Good Till, we’re continually evolving our software to bring even more efficiencies to your business and include a range of free upgrades as well as UK-based support in our service offering!

So, let’s go against nature, keep innovating for greater efficiency and get that iPad POS system into your store.

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