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How to save 15 minutes per table when short-staffed

Restaurants are facing a double challenge at the moment: staff shortages combined with more impatient guests.

Because of covid and the surge in delivery orders, people have become used to the idea that everything is available at their fingertips. When they go back to eat out they bring this new attitude with them and even regular wait times now seem unreasonable. Combined with a lack of staff it’s basically impossible to meet their expectations. And as we all know, unhappy guests are unlikely to return…

There’s no quick fix, but technology exists to make the situation much more manageable. Simply automate the payment process at the end of the meal. It works like this:

Scan, split, pay - it's simple!

Basically, let your guests have a personal interaction with your staff at the beginning of a meal just like usual. Then, whenever they’re ready, let them pay conveniently via QR code directly at their tables – no need to grab anyone’s attention, no wait time, completely hassle-free.

What we’re suggesting is a new hybrid way of using QR codes, where you combine personal interaction with technology.

For your guests it gets rid of the most frustrating part of eating out: waiting for the bill. Thanks to QR code payment they leave on a high because they can head out the minute they’re ready.

At the same time you save your staff at least 15 minutes of their time per table:

  • No printing of receipts 🖨
  • No grabbing / waiting / looking for the card reader 👀
  • No wasting time at the table while payments go through 💤
  • No waiting for guests to figure out how they want to split the bill 💬

And on top of that, expect higher tips because guests get a reminder and it’s just one click to add.

Happy guests, happy staff.

Interested in trialling this in your business? We’ll launch in the next couple of months, if you’re interested to learn more click below to get on our early bird list:

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