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How to promote your online ordering (Goodeats) to your customers?

If you set up Click & Collect and are ready to go, it’s important to inform your customers and encourage them to use it. Goodtill put together a few tips of how to promote it.

Online promotion

  • Use social media to promote your online ordering unique link. It’s a free and effective way to interact with your customers via Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. You can copy the link to your online shop from your back office > Apps > scroll to the bottom of the page, it will look similar to this:…
  • Use your link to place a button on your website. Or use the iFrame given to integrate fully under your website. See examples below:  or
  • Send emails to your existing customers letting them know they can use online ordering instead of coming to your shop. You can send them emails with the weblink to your online store attached.
  • Add your web ordering page to Google listings.
  •  Create coupon/vouchers for online orders to promote it and get more people to use it. You can do that by going to your back office > Pro > Coupon/Voucher.

Offline promotion

  • Create and print leaflets that you can send out with each delivery to your customers. You can use a free app Canva to create leaflets and posters.
  • Create a sign and put it in a window, by the till and/or the outside board.
  • Print out your online store URL to every receipt. You can do that by going to your back office > Setup > Receipt Templates.

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