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Your reopening checklist

Dear Goodtill Customers,

We hope you are keeping well. 

As we’re seeing more of our customers starting to open the doors again, we wanted to help out by proactively assisting you with a seamless transition to reopening. Please see below for our most frequently asked reopening related questions!

Thank you!

1) Can’t remember the password after the time away?

No problem – just reset it by logging into the back office at and changing it by going to Users > Admins. 

If it’s the back office login password that you’ve forgotten then just follow the “forgot password” link from the login page. Please note that for security purposes the support team can’t see your password or change it for you!

2) Unsure if the app is up to date?

Before re-opening your store, it’s best to check that you’re on the latest version of the Goodtill app. To do this just tap on the cog at the top right, and right at the bottom of the menu, it’ll display the app version number. If it’s lower than 7.7 you’ll need to update, so just open up the App Store, search for “Goodtill POS” and press update!

3) Getting a “Goodtill beta has expired” message?

This just means that you were previously on a test-flight version of the app, and that version has expired. To resolve this, all you’ll need to do is go to the App Store, search for “Goodtill POS”, and download and open again from there.


We hope this helps – as always if you do have any queries, you can check out our support portal by clicking here, or you can contact the support team via phone on 02033224095 or by email to



Visit our support portal 



What’s new with Goodtill 
Over the past few months, we have shipped out some enhancement and new features across products.  Please, head over to this page to view the list of emails sent across containing the detailed descriptions of these changes.