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4 ways Table Ordering can transform your service

Covid-19 of course triggered dramatic changes to the UK hospitality industry these past 12 months. Social distancing became a top priority for businesses following a long line of new regulations that licensed venues have had to deal with in Great Britain –  the ‘table service only’ being one of them. Simply put; you now had to operate solely via table service to avoid any customers ‘mingling’ at the bar.




What is mobile table ordering?

So, what is mobile table ordering? Simply put, it’s an electronic point of sale software that turns an iPad into an interactive interface that can control and manage everything you need to do in your venue, from table ordering and stock management to loyalty programs and more.

With Covid-19 safety measures likely to become sought-after even as we undergo our phased reopening, it feels like now would be a good time to think about how to get your table service in tip-top shape. And that’s where a decent mobile table ordering solution comes in.

A good mobile table ordering solution like Goodeats allows your customers to order and pay safely and securely from their tables in seconds, without having to download any new apps or break social distancing rules. The customer simply scans the QR code on a menu and the order is paid for and processed in a completely contactless way: perfect to give your customers and staff some peace of mind when dining in or shopping at your establishment.

Yes, it can be daunting at first having to adopt new ways of working, especially when it feels like it’s been forced on you by factors outside your control. But even before Covid-19, a huge range of venues from coffee shops to stadiums were integrating mobile table ordering into their business because they felt it was a more cost-efficient, simpler way of processing orders.


How can mobile table ordering help your hospitality business?

1. It’s safer

First things first, mobile table ordering is the fastest, and safest way for your customers and staff to order and deliver service at your venue. In terms of processing an order from start to finish in the quickest and most socially distanced way possible, mobile table ordering is the perfect solution: there are no fiddly apps to download, all payments are done online and the only time your staff come into contact with your customers is by delivering them their food and drink, which minimises contact, and ultimately reduces the risk. All of this makes your customers (and staff) feel safe and secure while they’re enjoying your venue, all while avoiding massive queues.


2. Drives more orders

Making your customers feel safer is not only good for your and their peace of mind but good for your revenue stream as well. Mobile table ordering has shown to drive more orders per customer, with a higher rate of upselling too. For example, Goodtill by SumUp customers who have adopted Goodeats have seen their average order value increase by 20%, that’s because once a customer has placed an order, Goodeats provides an automatic upsell menu, thereby increasing every order value.


3. Simple to use

Whether your business is collection, delivery or drop-off, a great mobile table ordering solution can support it all. But there would be no point in having a mobile service solution if it was more complicated to use than doing it the old-fashioned way.

With a solution like Goodeats, it’s free to set up, and fully integrates with your own website, with an intuitive payment system that also accepts Apple and Google Pay. Once you’re set-up, you use the same device and point of sale app to manage everything, from table plans to stock checks to promotions and loyalty schemes, you can easily customise and manage everything in one place. It certainly beats dealing with thousands of tickets being put through the till by multiple waiters!


4. Cost-effective

Not only does mobile table ordering help you drive more orders in a safer way, but it’s cost-effective too. The most important thing is that it frees you and your staff up to do more important things like delivering top-notch customer service.

Instead of running around after customers, manually checking stock and inventory and worrying about orders, your mobile ordering solution handles all of that for you, streamlining your service and making it even more efficient, as well as reducing the food and time wastage that comes from human-error.


Well worth it

It’s safe to say that table ordering solves a range of timely issues as well as strengthens your service far beyond the confines of lockdown. From enabling a covid-secure service to speeding up your order fulfilment, it’s a good idea to make the most out of simple but powerful tech to help you with the smooth transition back to normal.