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Goodtill now integrates with QuickBooks

Operate efficiently and transfer sales figures, income, invoices and more seamlessly across your dedicated POS and QuickBooks accounting.

Access an ecosystem of powerful integrations with Goodtill

With the help of our QuickBooks integration, you’ll now be able to manage your business from front-of-house to the back office. Connect your Goodtill POS with our integrated Quickbooks application and sync your business data to access real-time updates of sales, expenses, inventory, invoices and more.

How we can transform your service:

  • Centralise your process through seamless integration
  • Save time by avoiding lengthy rekeying of data
  • Reduce human error through automation
  • Access detailed reports to glean important insights about your performance.

How it works

We use direct integration with QuickBooks to achieve the most efficient way of working and give you live insight to all your performance metrics. Simply connect your existing QuickBooks account via our Goodtill POS dashboard and follow the steps outlined on your administration screen on your POS.

Our key features include the following:

  • Ability to communicate changes in sales and inventory automatically to your QuickBooks to help you make real-time adjustments
  • Each product and category can be mapped to specific items and services
  • Creating and editing service and delivery charges.

For more information check out our QuickBooks Support page.