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Goodtill by SumUp now integrates with Workforce

Monitor your business performance as you track sales and staff, access costed rotas and attendance via our Workforce integration.

Staff Management made easy

Use Workforce to gain the perfect control oversight of your business and access powerful management solutions to simplify your workday.

Here’s how we can transform your service:

  • Access a single platform solution to view your sales and manage staff
  • Minimise human error through automation
  • Speed up your operation and forgo tedious double entry
  • React to costed costs and amend rotas accordingly

Access greater capabilities

Workforce is a powerful staff management software offering bespoke solutions for businesses of any shapes and sizes. With the use of our integration you can now:

  • Monitor your daily sales
  • Integrate your Goodtill attendance tracking system
  • Measure staffing costs
  • View detailed and tailored reports of turnover and labour costs
  • Automate payroll calculation

For more information check out our Workforce Support page.