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Goodtill by SumUp now integrates with ResDiary

Use ResDiary to manage your Restaurant bookings and expand your table management capabilities as you set up your venue to accept remote reservations all done online.

Accept reservations remotely with ResDiary

Access the perfect oversight of your restaurant table layout and make it easy for your waiters to keep tabs on bookings, order statuses and customer seating.

How we can transform your service:

  • Providing you a one-platform solution to keep track of all your orders with the grid, table plan or list views
  • Allocate sections to staff members and track performances
  • Edit booking and order statuses via your tablet
  • Respond in real-time to changes in orders
  • Create a customisable table layout to mirror your blueprint.

How it works

ResDiary expands on your existing table management functionality available in the Goodtill POS application and requires a booking module. The integration is put up per outlet, and is easy to set up and manage.

Our key features include the following:

  • Updates ResDiary with data from POS including spent amount and items purchased
  • View existing bookings and assign tables without having to re-key these manually in ResDiary
  • You’ll be able to accept a deposit recorded in ResDiary as part-payment in the POS
  • Copy customer data from the booking into the POS for future reference.

For more information check out our ReDiary Support page.