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Goodtill by SumUp now integrates with Deliveroo

Run an  incorporated food delivery service as you integrate with Deliveroo to cater to more customers, process more orders and increase your revenue – enabled through your dedicated Goodtill by SumUp POS.

Centralise with Deliveroo

View and process Deliveroo orders through your dedicated Goodtill by SumUp POS solution. With our integrated system, you’ll be able to view your orders from both platforms via a single tablet and react to incoming orders in real-time.

How we can transform your service:

  • Minimise human error through automation 
  • View sales through your POS device and centralise your process
  • Orders are synced with your Goodtill POS
  • Drive authority with Deliveroo.

How it works

Although the integration provides a range of features available in the Deliveroo app, you will still need to use the Deliveroo tablet for much of the Deliveroo functionality and will therefore still require both tablets.

Our key features include:

  • You’ll be able to print tickets for accepted orders 
  • Access Deliveroo sales data in Goodtill reports
  • Adjust product stock when Deliveroo orders are received.

For more information check out our Deliveroo Support page.