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New iPad Stock Application

Download the new Good Till stock app from the Apple store and you’ve got yourself an impressive new front-end operator application for the iPad!

  • Book in orders and quickly identify delivery errors.

  • Easily carry out complete or partial stock counts, reducing ‘outs’.

  • Call up full audit and variance reports.

  • Manage orders quickly by sending POs to suppliers directly from your Good Till.

  • Micro-manage stock at product or ingredient level.

Taking full advantage of the convenience and portability of the iPad, this app is a sure-fire way to improving the nuts and bolts of stock management in your business while reducing the time and effort involved!


Management Portal

While your Good Till stock app takes care of the front-end usage, the NEW advanced functions in the stock reporting section of your Good Till Management Portal ensures you have total back-end control and provides valuable real-time business intelligence.

  • Use detailed stock audit reports to more effectively monitor the transfer of stock and deliveries across your business (including tracking of authorised signatures).

  • Stock variance reports (produced after each partial or full stock count) enable you to compare what your system shows is in stock to actual stock, quickly highlighting any irregularities. Each variance report includes the operator’s name, has sections for notes and is date and time stamped.

Using these and other advanced stock reporting functions offers one simple but major benefit to your business: accurate data. With improved knowledge and awareness of how your inventory is moving in and out of your business, you can synchronise that with functions like purchasing and sales, ensuring you always make the right decisions at the right time.

The Good Till Advanced Stock Management Module is available as a site based software license - at just £9.00 ex VAT per month, per site.

To get this new must-have for improved accuracy and efficiency, let’s chat … contact us NOW!

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