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From a fast and simple setup of your online store to seamless fulfilment of orders – Goodeats offers a robust platform to manage your entire store offering in one place for just 5% transaction fee.

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Feature rich fulfillment app to manage your order flow and menu availability with ease. Delivery integration that works for you.
Intuitive and easy ordering experience with fast payment using Apple Pay and Google Pay - Watch Demo
Stock, product configuration, promotion, coupon, loyalty and reporting just a few to mention to help you with your bottom line.

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  • Simple and FREE Set up
  • 5% transaction fee (includes Stripe card processing charges)
  • First £1,000 transactions free of charge
  • Dedicated support team, ready to help
  • A variety of tools for your business
  • Goodtill menu integration
  • Why use Goodeats

    • Supports Collection, Delivery and Drop off
    • Generate more orders with our powerful platform
    • Offer your customers an easy way to place an order
    • Use the same device and POS app to fulfil orders efficiently
    • Integrated with your website
    • Allows your customers to pre-order and pre-pay
    • Avoid queues and waiting time
    • Customisable to your brands and offerings
    • Huge saving on commissions against the market dominators


  • Browser-based Tool

  • Browser-based Tool

    We don’t expect your customers to download an app just to place a simple order. Your customers can order from any mobile or PC browser. 

  • Unique URL

  • Unique URL

    We give you your own URL so that you can link directly from your website.

  • Goodtill Menu Integration

  • Goodtill Menu Integration

    GoodEats interfaces directly with your POS system to display a full or partial menu in the browser screen.

  • Queue and Display Integration

  • Queue and Display Integration

    There’s no need to print off an order from one system and add it manually to another. The order will appear on the POS screen on our beautifully designed fulfilment module. All the necessary receipts and tickets will take automatically taken care of, meaning no delays for busy environments.

    See what customers have to say about Goodeats

    Goodeats has honestly kept our business afloat and operational during a really challenging time. In many ways it has been a lifeline for us as a business, but also for our customers who want to keep purchasing our products! Once the current crisis is over and we return to more normal business operations, I know that we will be better placed as a business now that we have diversified our route to market, and using Goodeats to generate further revenue online. We’d highly recommend businesses of all sizes to explore how Goodeats could help grow and diversify your business.

    Mark Bamping
    Candid Beer
    Existing Goodtill Customer
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    Can I set up my store immediately?

    Yes, and our dedicated support team is waiting on hand to assist you with any queries you may have along the way.

    Is there a free trial avialable?

    Yes. We offer a fully fledged trial with full access to the GoodTill Core POS software, including, Goodeats and a variety of tools to help manage and grow your business.

    Is there a licence fee?

    There is no licence fee to use Goodeats as a standalone product and you can start taking orders today for free. To get the more out of the platform, including advanced stock management and POS integration you will require a Goodtill licence.

    How much are transaction fees, and what's included?

    The 5% transaction fee includes Stripe card processing charges. See more about how our charges are calculator here.
    Goodtill is currently offering to waive all web ordering platform fees, and even pay the Stripe transaction fees on your behalf for your first/next £1,000 worth of transactions.

    Is there support available for assistance?

    We have a dedicated support team who are available to help you. Whether you need some help setting up your store or you have a question, our team is available on the phone or via email.

    Does Goodeats offer a delivery service?

    Goodeats is an order fulfilment platform and does not offer a delivery service. However Goodeats integrates with Stuart to offer seamless same day deliveries within the application.