Goodtill Self Service

Goodtill Self Checkout Terminal enables your customers to select and pay for their own items using an in store POS terminal and integrated card reader. 

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Goodtill Self Checkout allows point of sale units to be deployed across a store in order for customers to serve themselves. Queue busting, service from a safe distance and customer friendly – consumers are already used to self-service checkout tills at large supermarkets. Email receipts can be provided and tickets printed for food or drink preparation.

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  • PCI Compliant Self Service POS System
  • Quick and easy to deploy
  • Cashless, iPad in iPad stand and card reader
  • Various hardware and kiosk options available
  • Wifi of Hard wired
  • Scan items or use screen for product buttons
  • Brand in your theme and logo
  • Active Screensaver with imagery or information messaging

Self Checkout Benefits

  • Be in control

  • Be in control

    The overriding feature of self-checkout mode means that for secure use, all major settings and override functions are locked down – they are either removed completely or accessible by manager PIN.  Therefore the end customer can only select the items they wish to buy and pay for them.

    There is also the option for an auto-presentation scanner to be connected for super fast service.

  • Take Secure payments

  • Take Secure payments

    Card only operation means totally secure transactions and no fuss about cash or the security that comes with cash.  And don’t worry – the card only, self-service operation is completely PCI compliant!

  • Intuitive Self-checkout

  • Intuitive Self-checkout

    Finally and equally as important the self-checkout option has been carefully designed with the end customer in mind – super fast transactions with as few button presses as possible and with an ergonomic button layout. 

    Self-checkout POS terminals could either be installed as the main source of POS presence in your business, at various distances apart, or perhaps a mix, with operator led POS terminals and self-checkout terminals. 


    Quick to deploy, easy to manage Goodtill Self-checkout. Talk to us now about how this can help your business to serve your customers safer and faster.

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