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The Good Till

One day we’ll probably all enter a shop or restaurant and be served by uber-efficient robots that know what we want as soon as we walk in the door, manage the sale, update the inventory and process the business stats in a flash!

OK, we’re not quite there yet, but until then, there’s The Good Till!


UK Based

Based in London, the Good Till Company is helping independent retailers, restaurants, bars and coffee shops across the UK to better compete against the dominant big names, get closer to their customers and successfully grow their businesses.

Combining tablet computers with cutting-edge software, cloud technology and modern hardware, our POS system makes no compromises on either functionality or style… all at a low monthly price.

It's All About Simplicity

With sales completed in as few steps as possible, The Good Till is a faster and more user-friendly POS solution for both staff and customers, but its capabilities go far beyond simply taking payments. Built-in modules and reporting functions enable your business to access data on everything from stock management to sales and profit margins, meaning you get the kind of business insights that help your entire business run smoothly and give it the competitive edge to grow.

So, it’s a system that’s easy to set up and run on a daily basis, simple to customise to your business and is packed with business support features that can be accessed from anywhere, anytime. In truth, until that robot comes along, The Good Till really is your new best employee. The one that is reliable, high performing, fast, efficient and who takes on the ‘daily grind’ so you can get on with what matters most – making your customers happy!

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