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Top reasons to switch your POS to an iPad till

There’s an old saying that goes like this: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’!

In many walks of life, it’s good advice. A television producer might well stick to a tried and tested format for a show if the viewing figures remain high. A football manager would be wise not to change a killer formation unless they want to deal with the wrath of the club’s fans.

But, think about the technology we use in our personal and business lives and consider where this approach might get you. Well, we’d probably all be walking around with our old Nokia ‘bricks’ and waiting in line by the fax machine!

No-one likes change for the sake of change, but if it’s change for the sake of improvement, it’s usually not a bad idea. And, if you’re running a retail business, nothing could be truer – keeping abreast of the latest innovations can help you to thrive while ignoring them could be a path towards self-destruction.

So, let’s look at the major innovations taking place at the moment around the retailers’ Point of Sale system.

While traditional point of sale systems ‘ain’t broke’ (they do the job they were designed to do), advances in technology have undoubtedly lead us to something new and improved – a sleek iPad based system that is overhauling the retail experience for businesses and their customers up and down the country.

So, what can such a system really do for your business? Here’s our top reasons why you should consider making that switch.

Best for your business

Best for your customers

Ready to switch?

At the Good Till, we’d love to help. Ask us about our trial offer today.


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