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A true innovation has now arrived with the launch of The Good Till’s iPad POS self-service checkout mode!

Designed with the end-user in mind, we’ve thought of everything that will make the customer’s experience as pleasant and easy as possible – an ergonomic button layout, sales that can be completed in just a few steps, card-only operations for simplicity and super-fast transactions.

You can also connect an auto-presentation scanner to your self-serve Good Till, making for an even quicker service.

Why Go For Self-Serve?

  • Bust those queues by allowing customers to serve themselves quickly and efficiently, especially useful for those who just have a few items.

  • Free up staff to focus on other jobs like helping customers find what they are looking for out on the shop floor.

  • Ramp up customer engagement with your business by supplying a choice for those who have come to expect self-serve checkouts.

What About Security?

We’ve got this covered. With your Good Till in self-service checkout mode, customers can only select the items they wish to buy and pay for them. Nothing else. All major settings and override functions will be locked down - either removed completely or only accessible by a Manager with a PIN.

The card-only operation is PCI compliant and means your business benefits from totally secure transactions with no fuss about cash or its associated security issues.

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Whether you want to install self-service checkout terminals as the main POS presence in your business, or create a mix with operator led POS terminals too, talk to us now about how to best serve the needs of your customers.

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