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Leverage the power of your Point of Sale

A few years back, a Reddit user posted this question:

“If someone from the 1950s suddenly appeared today, what would be the most difficult thing to explain to them about today?”

One reply immediately sent the conversation viral:

“I possess a device, in my pocket, that is capable of accessing the entirety of information known to man. I use it to look at pictures of cats and get into arguments with strangers.”

With the post still doing the rounds on social media, the question of how well we utilise the power of our smartphones is obviously one that still resonates with a lot of people.

So, this got us thinking: does the same apply to Point of Sale technology?

There’s no doubting that modern, tablet-based POS systems have come a long way since the invention of the cash register. What was once a tool to ring up the contents of a customer’s shopping basket is now a sophisticated device that offers today’s retailers some incredible opportunities and insights.

But, are you taking advantage of everything your POS is capable of? Or, are you still only using it to tally the bill? To help you say ‘yes’ to that first question, here’s three ways to leverage the power of your POS:

Customer experience

We live in a world where consumers often know what they want and will have researched several retailers before walking into any store; and a world where bad (or even slightly disappointing) shopping experiences are instantly shareable on social media.

For the bricks and mortar store to survive this environment, it’s crucial to switch the focus from ‘selling something’ to providing a superior customer service experience. This is where an iPad till system comes in – by simply making your store a better place to shop!

First of all, if your customer already knows what they want, your no 1 job is to help them find that item easily. One way to achieve this is to position staff so that they can assist and direct customers as they enter the shop and be available out on the shop floor as much as possible. Two of the benefits of a modern POS system are that staff can be trained to use it really quickly and integrated payment features speed up transactions – both of which enables staff to spend less time at the till and more time delivering this kind of customer experience.

The sight of a long line can make many a customer ditch their shopping basket, so those speedy transactions will also go a long way in terms of leaving a good lasting impression and consequently building repeat business.

With a GoodTill POS system in place, you’ll also be able to access software upgrades that help you keep up with all the latest payment options and lastly, its sleek look is guaranteed to improve the aesthetic of your store.

Integrated marketing tools

There are several ways in which you can leverage the power of your POS to improve your marketing and grow sales.

One example is the option for email receipts. From a customer’s point of view, this can act as a more secure way of recording their purchase but, for the retailer, it’s also a great opportunity to boost marketing efforts. At its simplest, you can use email receipts to direct customers to your social media platforms but, with customer emails and purchase histories to hand, you can also create precisely targeted campaigns – telling people specifically about promotions they are likely to be interested in. (Just remember to be GDPR conscious in your data collection/ use!)

Another option is to create a customer loyalty programme that brings people back to your store again and again. From just £9 per month, The GoodTill can help you generate such repeat business by adding an advanced loyalty module to your POS system.

Powerful analytics

Possibly the best thing about having a modern POS system in place is the data, reports and analytics it provides – literally telling you the whole story of how your business and the people in it are performing.

Inventory reports can tell you what’s hot and what’s not – enabling you to make purchasing decisions that drive up revenue. Sales reports can tell you when the traffic peaks and lows are, so you can optimise your staffing schedules. And, staff reports can help you identify top performers and spot those who might require further assistance to reach that level.

Being cloud-based means all this data can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection – flexibility that most busy retailers cannot afford to be without.

The challenge of remaining competitive in the modern retailing environment is something which many businesses on the High Street are grappling with. If a piece of technology can help you create the best customer experience, make your marketing more effective and give you on-tap insights that fuel the best business decisions, what’s not to like?

To discover more about how the power of a GoodTill POS can be leveraged in your business, talk to us today.