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Giving fans the best stadium experience

With all eyes on a certain beautiful game taking place in Russia tonight, the question on most people’s lips will be whether England can withstand the pressure and keep the nation’s dream of that World Cup ‘coming home’ alive.


Meanwhile, here at the Good Till, we can’t help but spare a thought for the stadium management and all the food, drinks and retail staff who will be under immense pressure to service the 80,000-capacity crowd at the Luzhniki Stadium.


Think about it for a moment.


When thousands of fans go through the gates of any stadium, all that’s on their mind is catching every single moment of the sport, concert or other live event they’ve paid good money for. The last thing they want is to miss out on any of the action while standing in long lines for drinks, food or merchandise during the interval.


For those behind the scenes, that means a level of logistical management like no other. Luckily today’s modern Point of Sale systems can relieve a little of that pressure so that stadium management can focus on giving the fans the best experience ever.


Here’s the top 5 ways the Good Till is supporting stadiums right now:


  1. Intuitive to use


Being highly dependent on the number of fixtures and performances that take place per year, stadium employment can be more sporadic than in other retailing or hospitality contexts. With temporary staff as the norm, stadiums need a POS system that is simple to use and can be picked up quickly by all with minimum training. #GoodTill #got-it-covered


  1. Reliable, varied and speedy payments


Taking thousands of transactions in the space of a few hours means payments must be flexible and managed without fuss or complexity. Integrating POS software directly with the chip and pin terminal is one way that the Good Till can speed things up while also making sure there’s little room for human error. Allowing customers to make mobile payments is another way to keep those transactions flowing fast while also meeting this growing expectation for cashless/ cardless convenience.


  1. More ways to order


The combination of high-definition, big screen TVs and easy to reach drinks/ snacks has made the home entertainment environment the preferred choice of many. But, with the arrival of mobile and in-seat ordering, stadiums can now compete by offering that same level of convenience coupled with the atmosphere of a live experience!


Using a mobile ordering method, fans can order their drinks or food from their mobile device and either have it delivered to their seat or collect it as soon as it’s ready. Concession operators can also now use wireless, hand-held POS terminals to take quick-purchase items like drinks or ice-creams directly out to fans and accept payments right there. #no-more-queues


If mobile or in-seat ordering isn’t an option, placing self-service kiosks or checkouts near to hospitality or merchandising outlets can give customers another way to fast-track their orders or purchases. The Good Till’ self-service option has a simple interface that customers can navigate quickly and can be used by concessions to promote cross-sells or up-sells too.



  1. Digital marketing

Many smart POS systems (like the Good Till) allow stadium concessions to increase their bottom line by leveraging the potential of digital signage through a customer facing screen. At a basic level these help customers to see what’s being put through the till but the real bonus comes with the potential such screens have for advertisements and promotions – for instance adding-value by encouraging up-sells or bringing in extra revenue by selling advertising space to an outside sponsor.


  1. Back end analytics

While the fan experience is a priority in any stadium, it’s equally important that back end operations work efficiently. For both the stadium management and the bars, catering outlets and retail units on site, the POS system used must come with high performing business functions: robust inventory management to ensure there’s no risk of running out of stock; accurate sales reports that pin-point the preferences of any given event crowd; and the equivalent of multiple site integration that enables the performance all concessions to be managed and monitored from one platform.



Final thought


From the ‘smart lounge’ at Turkey’s Vodafone Arena (which features mini TV screens on every headrest so that fans can replay anything they’ve missed) to the Levi’s Stadium in California, which reportedly offers some of the best connectivity you can get, stadium design across the world is moving with the technological age. Even if the stadium you’re operating or working in can’t quite manage a full hi-tech refurb just yet, get the Good Till POS system operating across the board and you’ll be well on your way there!


For more information, enquire about the Good Till’s stadium service today.


Image Credts: Designed by Freepik