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Four ways to thrive in the changed world

Avoiding unnecessary social contact and keeping a two-metre distance have become staple behaviours in our current reality. We all want to do our part in keeping each other safe, hence, our livelihoods have to adapt to the changing times we live in.

For eateries, food shops and cafes, here are the four steps you can take to keep your staff and customers safer:

Install a contactless unmanned self-service

Install a contactless unmanned self-service till as far away from your usual serving area as your space allows, minimising contact. Goodtill’s iPad based self-service is super quick and easy to install and use. Customers can order and pay without having to talk to a member of staff, then grab their order and go. You can also use a scanner for off-the-shelf goods to create a contactless self-checkout solution. Read more about contactless self-service here.

Table ordering

Transform your table service and let your customers order on their phone at the table. Mobile table ordering enables you to offer table service with minimal contact between staff and customers. Customers simply scan a QR code or visit a link to order from your menu and pay in as little as three taps. All you have to do is drop off the order. Read more about Table ordering here.

Goodeats online ordering

Put your customers at ease with a reliable and simple GoodEats online ordering: straight from your menu, one click away – no apps to download or sign up forms to fill. Easy to use for instant delivery or collection for your existing customers, and a growing community of local shoppers. Read more about Goodeats online ordering here.

Reward your clients loyalty

Reward your clients loyalty with Goodies loyalty app, all virtual and flaff-free to set up and use for both you and your customers. Go further with your originally branded app for £29 per month. Read more about Goodies Loyalty program here.

We are here to help you navigate this new environment. With less pressure on your staff, more safety all round, we would be delighted to be part of your future success.