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Creating the best restaurant experience in 2022

After not having been able to eat out for a long time during the pandemic, people are slowly coming back but with a whole new set of expectations.

It’s not surprising that after almost 2 years of ordering-in meals via apps, increased online shopping, organising zoom birthday parties, and doing on-demand workouts, people’s habits have changed. Everything is right at their fingertips.

With this shift into digital, seamless experiences have become the benchmark and even slight inconveniences are now a deal-breaker. To get your guests back into your venue and offer them an experience that turns them into regulars, you’ll need to up your game. And you can start by improving the most frustrating part of eating out: paying the bill.

Here’s the old fashioned way:

Guests have to wave down a server, wait for the bill to be printed and brought back to the table. Now the bill splitting discussion begins. This can take a while, especially if part of the group had more expensive orders than others. Also, what about service charge and tip? Once a conclusion is reached, they need to get the server’s attention for a second time but he seems to be busy at another table. Oh shoot, just missed him again. Ah, here he is! By card please! Oh no, he doesn’t have the card reader on him, so he walks off once more…

Even just reading this paragraph makes most people feel frustrated!

Now, compare that to the new way:

Whenever your guests feel ready to leave, they simply take out their phone, scan the QR code at the table, see exactly what they’ve consumed, split the bill (either by equal parts or by selecting specific items), add tip if they like, and are good to go!

Magic ✨

Did you know the start and the end of an experience have a disproportionate impact on our memory? We tend to remember these two anchor points easily while the middle part becomes a blur. Meaning if you had a great meal but then had to wait 20 minutes in the end, your memory of the evening will be heavily tainted, even if the food was delicious.

If people leave on a high, on the other hand, they are much more likely to return, tell their friends about it, and leave positive reviews online.

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