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Creating a better checkout experience

Standing in line at the checkout might once have been an everyday thing that people accepted with a bit of huffing and puffing – but clearly that’s no longer the case. Used to making purchases in a swipe, Millennials and now the post-Millennials or iGens, just won’t tolerate such a time-consuming ritual.


Research suggests 59% of customers will not return to a store where they’ve had a bad experience. That’s a lot of custom to lose – and it’s especially worrying for retailers if their problems boil down to a poor checkout process.


So, what’s the secret to creating a smoother, free-flowing experience that entices customers back? Well, it’s not that much of a secret – deploy the right POS system, invest in some training, tighten up your operations – and reap the rewards! Here’s how:


Bust those queues


When you install a smart POS system, probably the first thing you’ll notice is the speed of transactions. With an iPad interface that is intuitive for users and time-saving features such as card-reader/ payment integrations, the whole transaction process is streamlined to offer a checkout experience that tells your customers you place great value on their time.


Should you spot a situation where patrons are waiting a little too long, this kind of system makes it easy to manage – simply switch on another iPad and jump in!


Step out of tradition


The High Street is not short of examples of major retailers going into administration right now – and it’s not a huge leap of the imagination to suppose this is, at least partly, because of failures to keep up with the dramatic changes that have hit the sector over recent years.


Stepping away from tradition may feel scary but it doesn’t have to be difficult and could be the key to survival. For example, you can now use a cloud-based POS to free staff from the chains of checkout, taking mobile tablets out on the shop floor where staff can not only take transactions, but also be more available to help customers with their queries. You might combine electronic receipts with a loyalty scheme to create a smooth flowing process that eliminates the time and paper-consuming problems associated with vouchers or coupons. And, why not get a grip on contactless and mobile payments to live up to the growing expectations of today’s consumers. There are an estimated 450 million mobile payment users around the world – don’t miss out!


Invest in training


Having a great POS system in place is no use if your staff don’t know how to use it properly. Make sure you invest in appropriate staff training so that everyone knows what they’re doing and understands the nuances of the system’s functions. That way, you’ll avoid any hold-ups caused by confused staff and keep transactions frictionless. At The Good Till, staff training is a standard part of your POS package.


Schedule efficiently


Getting the staff rotas wrong can easily result in a state of ‘chaos at the checkout’. But, a smart POS system will give you accurate sales data that helps you to better understand the peaks and troughs of your business – so you can schedule staff accordingly. Of course, they’ll always be some unexpected moments where you may have to jump in but make calls for cashiers the exception, rather than the rule, and checkout will become a much smoother operation.



And finally…


The technological advances offered by a modern POS system will do a lot to enhance the checkout experience – making things easy for you and your customers – but it’s not the only answer.


For many people, the reason they go into a shop rather than purchase online, is to get a bit of personal service – some advice or an element of human interaction perhaps. So, remember to talk with customers about their day or what they’re buying. Allow the technology to simplify the processes, but never skimp on the courtesies that make your customer service stand out!


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