Core POS Module

One platform, multiple bolt-on modules, endless possibilities.

From just
per month
Features Overview:
  • Interactive Interface
  • Fast Interaction
  • Light Stock Management
  • Wastage Management
  • Preset Discount
  • Light Loyalty
  • User Access
  • Clock In/Out
  • Self-Checkout Mode
  • Management & Reporting
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Management & Reporting

Included with Core POS Module
Meaningful analytics, system management, and reporting capabilities
Features Overview:
  • Comprehensive Reports
  • Easy Navigation
  • Set Your Own "Day"
  • Extensive Product Management
  • Stock/Inventory Management
  • Staff Clock In/Out Report
  • Customer Management
  • Multi-Outlet Management
  • Easy Product Layout
  • Ingridient Level Inventory
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Software modules

Optional Modules

Our Optional Modules allow you to tailor your solution to your situation.
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per month


For table service and tabs in your bar/restaurant.

  • Table/Tab Management
  • Split Bills

£9 per month

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Kitchen Display Screen

Eliminate paper and display orders instantly.

  • Instant Order Display
  • Customized State Alerts
  • Multiple Screen Option
  • Speed of Service Reports
  • Elimination of Network Cables

£9 per month

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Advanced Stock

Keep a handle on your inventory and ingredients.

  • Enhanced Capabilities
  • Stock Control
  • Purchase Order Integration
  • Stock Audit Reports
  • Accurate Data for Business Monitoring

£9 per month

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Advanced Promotions

Encourage customers to add more to their orders.

  • Automation and Reporting
  • Buy One, Get One Free
  • Multi-buy
  • Cross-buy
  • Time-based Offers
  • In-Store Screen Promotions

£9 per month

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Goodies Loyalty

Keep customers coming back with rewards.

  • Enhanced Capabilities
  • Goodies App for End-users
  • Points-based Loyalty System
  • Multiple Loyalty Programme
  • Instant Sign-up
  • Import Customer Details
  • ecurity for Loyalty
  • Data and Insights

£18 per month

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Electronic coupons to bring in new customers.

  • Coupon/Voucher
  • Multi-use Gift Cards
  • Unique Card Number
  • Tracking and Balances
  • Code Effectiveness Tracking
  • Simple Administration

£9 per site

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Customer-Facing Display

Show orders at till and special offers in-store.

  • Display Orders at Till
  • Promotional Banners

£9 per month

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Click and Collect

Browser ordering for queue-free purchasing.

  • Browser-based Tool
  • Unique URL
  • Goodtill Menu Integration
  • Queue and Display Integration

From 5% per transaction

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