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What Does Integration Mean?

Very simply, our software directly connects with your chip and pin terminal so that the transaction recorded by the till is automatically sent to the device. No need for your sales assistants to make double entries – meaning it’s a much faster, secure process that leaves very little room for human error. No more of those embarrassing mistakes!

Does that mean we can be your payment provider?

No. Innovation in payment processing has already brought many excellent specialists to the market so we’ve chosen three of what we think are the best for businesses like yours.



A stylish, contactless card reader that accepts all cards, supports international trade and offers an entry rate of 1.95% (subject to volume of transactions). There’s no contract or fixed monthly fees and your first chip and pin device comes totally FREE when purchased with our software! Perfect for your retail store, coffee shop, bar or pub.


With no contract and no monthly fees, Izettle offers clients a sliding scale of transaction rates for all cards, including Amex. Best of all, this slick chip and pin device handles payment processing at lightning quick speed! Perfect for your mobile store.


Payment Sense

The Good Till is the first iPad POS company to integrate with Payment Sense! Why? Not only does it offer extremely competitive rates, but Payment Sense can match multiple devices to an iPad and provide an embedded printer, making it ideal for hospitality and table service. Perfect for your restaurant or bar.

Combining the Good Till POS with any of these integrated payment solutions means you get two companies working together to support your business and keep the sales flowing!

To make things even easier, we can guide you through the options and manage everything from installation to the entire setup process.

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