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If you’re working in a business-to-business capacity, whether that’s as an IT professional or payment solutions provider, the chances are you’re part of an increasingly crowded and competitive market and finding it’s a constant challenge to keep and grow your customer base.

A simple solution for you – diversification!

As a partner with the Good Till Co, you’ll be adding one of the UK’s top POS solutions to your product/ service offer – a clear route to meeting that challenge of engaging and retaining your customers.

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Case Study - True POS
Since becoming a Good Till partner in 2016, True POS have significantly grown their customer base:

“I’ve worked in the corporate world most of my life and decided that I wanted to do something different. Having knowledge of POS, I was looking for a decent, innovative POS solution I could take to market with my own company. I know my regional area and the business mentality well. I knew The Good Till Co product and ethos would be a good fit and allow me to sell lots of it!”

- Darren Coppin, Director at True POS


What’s in it for you?

  • Take advantage of an exceptionally effective and reliable route to market with a POS solution that serves both retail and hospitality businesses and which helps you to maximise sales and revenue from your existing, trusted customer network.
  • Boost revenue at any point in the partnership by using our modular approach to build up the product offer.
  • Improve your customer retention rate by showing them you understand their businesses and can go above their expectations with an updated opportunity.
  • Increase and diversify your client base and improve your business’s capability of handling this kind of growth through more varied and innovative solutions.
  • Create bespoke services for your customers that are tailored to individual needs.
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What’s in it for us?

Of course, any partnership is a two-way street. We believe that by developing effective partnerships with other companies, we can:

  • Expand our level of expertise within both retail and hospitality settings
  • Further develop our POS solutions to be available in different formats
  • Reach customers who have no current connection with the Good Till and those from further afield
  • Increase our revenue - you do well, and we do well
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How does it work?

At the Good Till Co, we currently offer two types of partnership:

As a reseller, you’ll be truly integrating the Good Till Co POS system with your core products or services and benefiting from the added value this offers for your customers. You’ll receive all the training and ongoing resources you need, covering the product, contracts, billing, technical support and more.

For a lighter touch that still passes on the benefits of the Good Till product to your clients, why not become a referral partner? You’ll benefit from a simple arrangement whereby you recommend or refer a customer, earn commission for every sign-up and leave us to handle the rest.

Why The Good Till Co?

  • Dedicated to you – From top notch account management to product training and quality technical support, you’ll have access to our dedicated team and resources throughout or partnership.
  • Constantly adding value – The Good Till POS can be integrated with several other market leading technologies and we’re continually working to develop the functionality of our product further. As a result, you’ll be able to leverage the value of these integrations and upgrades for your customers.
  • All about the brand – Gain access to The Good Till’s reputable brand, expertise and marketing while remaining consistent to your own brand. All we ask for is a ‘powered by the Good Till Co’ credit.
  • We like to share – That means you share in our publicity, press releases, case studies and will also be able to access some of the events and workshops we put on throughout the year.
The Good Till Office

To partner with the Good Till Co, you don’t have to be experienced with point of sale technologies already. In fact, we feel our product and service is a great fit for many different types of businesses - payment solutions, hardware providers, IT consultancies, Financial services, Business consultants, APP developers and more.

Our expanding overseas presence means we also have some exciting opportunities to develop partnerships with companies working at an international level.

If you’re interested in exploring the benefits of little bit of diversification and finding out more about being a Good Till Co partner, contact us now.

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