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SumUp now integrates with NearSt

Meet your customers when they are searching for products online – and bring them to your physical store!

Get More in-store customers

NearSt helps bricks-and-mortar stores across the country show their in-store inventory to local shoppers searching on Google and Facebook (and more coming soon!).


With NearSt you can:

  • Show live availability with Google ‘See What’s In Store’ and on your business’s Facebook page
  • Boost footfall with Google Local Inventory Ads
  • Learn what locals want in real-time with Customer Insights data
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How it works

Customers looking up your business in Google and Facebook have the ability to see what you have in stock directly in search results, driving incremental footfall and sales.

  • Complete POS integration: NearSt takes the inventory information automatically from your SumUp Point of Sale, so you don’t have to.
  • Automated product information: NearSt sources product information so that you don’t have to spend any time creating your own ads.
  • Automatic integration monitoring: NearSt will continuously update your product and inventory information to give your potential customers the most relevant and up to date information.

A measurable impact

See how people nearby find your products and what they’re most interested in from a single, simple dashboard on NearSt.

  • Local awareness and engagement: See what people are searching for nearby and what products they’re interested in and clicking on.
  • Help with directions and calls: See the number of people who saw your products and clicked through to call or get directions to your store.
  • Website visits: Measure the number of visitors who clicked to find more information from your website after seeing your products online.
  • Estimated footfall: Using NearSt’s footfall algorithm, view an estimate of how many shoppers visited your store.

Real-time analytics

In addition to showing you how shoppers are engaging with your products locally, NearSt also provides you with unique local insights to inform your business strategy:

  • Up to the minute product insights: See which of your products are being seen most often by shoppers near your store, and which are generating the most interest.
  • Search insights: See the terms shoppers are using to search for products like yours, keeping you informed about what your customers really want.
  • Popular trends in your industry: Every day NearSt captures over 2 billion data points on local shopping searches and behaviour. Data is aggregated and anonymised so you can see emerging popular products in your industry.
  • Online to offline attribution: Accurately estimate in-store footfall and sales driven by local interactions online using NearSt’s proprietary online-to-offline technology, without the use of any sensitive customer data.