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The Good Till POS Features

Table/Tab Management

Serving tables? Have a clear view of your table layout and status on your till screen, effortlessly transfer or merge tables with a couple of clicks. Manage orders at the table and send instant tickets to your kitchen or drinks printer. Once they are ready to pay, just print their bill and take payment in split or total options.


User Access

Your people are your best asset: Good Till lets you know who your top performers are. Simply set up your team member and view their sales reports whenever suits you. Your staff log in easily with their unique 4-digit PIN.

Clock In/Out

Forget the paper timesheet - use your till as a clock in machine for your team. You will know exactly the hours that your staff work by running a report for each shift, so you are always in control.


Fast Interaction

The Good Till app is lightning-fast: you can sell faster and bust that queue quicker. It uses little memory on your iPad, so you can run your email, Spotify and other important apps side by side.


Easily mark items as wastage. You have the power to accurately manage your inventory by always knowing what sells and how much of your stock is wasted.


Preset Discount

Everybody loves a discount: quickly create and track your preset discount options, so you always know which discounts are the most popular, the amount and who’s given them.


Run promotions like a pro: use our innovative features to create multi buy, cross buy and time-specific promotions. Running Happy Hours is a breeze with Good Till.



It pays to be loyal: make the most of a loyalty scheme by using simple features such as assigning points for every pound spent and set rewards for points.

Customer Facing Display

If you would like your client to see what they are paying for, just add any smart device as your customer facing display - set up is super easy. Good Till even lets you run promotion banners, so your customers never miss a good deal.

Comprehensive Reporting

Take your business to a new level with the Good Till analytics. Grow your business with a comprehensive set of easily accessible reports on sales, staff and product performance and stock control. With realtime and historic data at your fingertips, you’ll be able to quickly access key business figures, learn how turnover and profits have changed over time and make smarter and quicker decisions based on smart data.


Easy Navigation

It’s simple and intuitive: with clutter free interface, getting around the back office functions couldn’t be easier.

Extensive Product Management

There are endless options for customising your stock: use product management section to create new products, products with variations and modifiers. Add images, display names and colours - all in a single page.


Stock/Inventory Management

You are more in control than ever - view real time stock anytime, anywhere. Multi-tier stock management and adding deliveries are a piece of cake.

Staff Clock In/Out Report

Good Till makes shift management and payroll simpler. View and edit individual records for your team and use the reporting section to run monthly, weekly reports for easier payroll.


Customer Management

Customer is king. Good Till helps you see and manage a full list of your registered customers with a click of a button. Work out your best and irregular clients and get inspiration for your marketing campaigns based on this tailored data.

Multi-Outlet Management

Good Till takes the hassle out of running a chain business. Manage all your sites centrally from one single portal: share stock information between sites to easily run a single list of stock for convenience. View and compare store specific product sales, staff performance and customer databases and more.


Easy Product Layout

New items on the menu? Additional tables? With super easy interface, creating and changing the layout of your till and tables is really easy.

Ingredient Level Inventory

Nothing’s too much trouble for your Good TIll: track inventory of each ingredient so you know what to restock and when. The stock levels of each item you sell and ingredient you use - always in real-time and at your fingertips.

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