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Introducing the Good Till Company’s eLoyalty application, available to purchase right now!

With our eLoyalty module, your business can benefit from all of the following features:

  • Provide a customised points-based loyalty system for your customers (points can be collected and redeemed as money off on future purchases or on specific products).

  • Create and manage as many different loyalty programs as you like - all from a simple management portal in your system admin centre.

  • Use the operator screen to easily sign up customers, recall customer details, and track or redeem points.

  • Bulk import customer details from other systems.

  • Ensure that loyalty is governed securely through watertight access controls.

  • Export and analyse customer data (e.g. their purchase history or preferences), then tailor your marketing messages or promotions!

Your customers might be brand-followers, bargain hunters or quality seekers. Whatever motivates them, your business needs to understand it and get closer to them. Use our eLoyalty module to stay ahead of the competition.

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