Deployment Scenarios

Simplicity is at the heart of what we do.

We have one platform with multiple modules, tailorable to your needs, and you won’t pay for functionality you don’t need. This means maximum flexibility: one system, unlimited deployment scenarios.

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Our Scenarios

Our software platform and iPad compatible apps are designed to work in any point-of-sale environment. So whatever your industry, scale or number of sites, Goodtill has a deployment scenario or two that fits.

Retail and QSR
Retail & QSR

If you’re selling dresses, lattes, gifts or brioche buns, our elegant POS and inventory management will help to do so better and faster.

Bars & Restaurants

If you’re providing table service or tabs for drinks, our hospitality module compliments our POS software with fast, wireless payment card integration.

Leisure & Entertainment

If you’re a stadium, museum, festival or a restaurant with a deli on the side, our single platform approach means we can handle all your outlets with one simple app.

Campus Deployments

If you operate in a distributed environment, with many simple till points but in multi-functional deployments, Goodtill’s modular approach is powerful.

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Multi-site Deployments

If you have multiple “cookie cutter” sites, where each deployment is simple but you’re looking for centralised management and consolidated reporting as well as site-by-site granularity, our cloud-based platform makes expansion easy.

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Integrations Deployments

We have 10+ integrations with leading software providers to round out your solution. These include payment providers like iZettle, accounting packages like Xero and ecommerce platforms like Shopify.

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