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Manage your merchandise

25th September 2017 | Retail

Inventory management is often one of the biggest challenges in the retail industry.   Besides having to store everything you sell securely, there’s issues of waste and shrinkage to deal with, problems that…

Opportunity knocks with the Back to School season

22nd August 2017 | Retail

School’s out, it’s the midst of summer and, for many retailers, that can mean there’s two priorities:   Making your store enticing for all the parents trying to fill a few hours with…

Summer Promotions (The Retail Edit)

20th July 2017 | Retail

The summer months often splits the retail industry into two categories – it’s high footfall and boom time for some while more like a ‘tumbleweed’ moment for others.   Lots depends on the…

Checklist for investing in an iPad POS system

14th June 2017 | Hospitality, Retail

Checklist for investing in an iPad POS system   You’ve made the decision to invest in a smart new iPad based POS system, but just where do you start? Google? Phone a Friend?…

How to improve efficiency in your shop with an iPad POS

30th May 2017 | Retail

Some might argue that the drive for ever more efficiency we seek in business goes against the grain of nature.   Take the maple tree for example. It produces millions of helicopters and…

Top reasons to switch your POS to an iPad till

9th May 2017 | Retail

There’s an old saying that goes like this: ‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’! In many walks of life, it’s good advice. A television producer might well stick to a tried and…


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