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The Good Till’s new advanced promotion feature allows you to do just that – effortlessly offering a number of complex promotions that encourage your customers to increase their spend. This includes:

  • Buy one Get one Free – a great way to increase sales of a specific product.

  • Multi-buy (e.g. 3 for price of 2) – one of the best incentives for customers to spend a little more!

  • Cross-buy (offering multiple products for a fixed price) - perfect for a meal deal promotion.

Adding the advanced promotion feature to your Good Till allows you to quickly and easily start using these tried and tested sales techniques. And, once they are set up, all discounts will be automatically applied without the need for any operator input – reducing the risk of human error and increasing transaction speed!


Want to run promotions only during certain times? Maybe a lunchtime deal or an off-peak offer?

No problem. Each promotion can be set according to its own specific timeline so that it automatically activates and de-activates as you wish. No need for anyone to remember to turn it on or off!

Don’t forget, if you also choose to install the Good Till’s customer facing display screens with your POS system, then you’ll be able to easily advertise your current promotion, making this a winning formula for your business.

With pricing starting from as little as £10.00 per store, per month, now is the time to get clever with your promotions and boost that bottom line!

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