The Origin of Goodtill

Some stories seem like they’re too good to be true. Ours seems like that, but you really can’t make this stuff up.

It starts with Animesh Chowdhury. He moved from Bangladesh to the UK in 2005 to study AI and Robotics, becoming a software and web developer upon graduating. Ani worked in a supermarket by day and a restaurant in the evening to help make ends meet. During that time in both retail and hospitality, he noticed that the point-of-sale environment just wasn’t helpful or intuitive for anybody. So, as a developer, he thought he should do something about it.

At the same time, Oliver Rowbory and Jonathan Hunot, with 10+ years in telecoms and tech, were trying to get an e-receipt business off the ground, sensing that automation and software was set to disrupt the POS space. A mutual acquaintance introduced Ani to Oli and Jonny – and Goodtill was born.

From our earliest days, our software was developed with our early-stage customers, most of whom are still with us. We’d spend time with customers during the day and Ani would work on the app in the evening. Right from the beginning, our dev work has been driven by the user experience.

Fast-forward a few years, and the management team has expanded with the addition of Luke Beavon. He’s our FD and has been in finance for scale-up tech firms for 12+ years. That’s the day job. By evenings and weekends, he’s better-known as LSB, a drum-and-bass DJ and producer.

As well as the core four, our Chairman is serial entrepreneur Alastair Mills, who was formally CEO of SpiriTel and founding CEO of Six Degrees Group, two UK tech success stories. Our board is also advised by Adam Hale, a tech scale-up and DevOps guru.